Visit the majestic Victoria Falls in MSFS with the latest scenery from Jeppeson2001

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an amazing flight simulator, but its virtues don’t stop there. In fact, it’s arguably the best tool ever created for worldwide virtual tourism, as it enables the user to visit literally the whole world and experience the views from the sky with excellent levels of realism!

While the stock representation of our planet in MSFS is usually stunning in many areas of the world, some important landmarks leave much to be desired, especially natural features in remote areas. One such location is Victoria Falls, the awe-inspiring waterfall in the Zambezi River that is widely known as one of the largest and most impressive in the world. You’re in for great disappointment if you visit Victoria Falls in MSFS… unless you get the latest scenery from Jeppeson2001, which offers a major upgrade to this iconic location and turns it into a worthwhile visit in the simulator!

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 11

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 10

The before and after images speak for themselves. It’s a night and day difference and Jeppeson2001 did a brilliant work recreating the waterfall and its surrounding scenery. This world-famous spot no longer looks like a generic river flowing under a bridge. It’s now as imposing as in the real world, with the flowing water rushing down the scarps and a misty cloud in the valley. All animated and with sounds!

Jeppeson2001 did more than just make the waterfall itself look like the real deal. The surrounding scenery has also been greatly improved and now features the Victoria Falls Bridge (animated bungee jumper included!), a speed boat, a cable car, and more scenery features.

Besides, the developer discovered during his investigations that Victoria Falls is actually surrounded by a good number of bush strips and heliports, which he set out to create and add to the package as well. 30 helipads in total have been added, which makes this an excellent place to explore with a helicopter in MSFS.

Jeppeson2001’s Victoria Falls for Microsoft Flight Simulator is another great release from the developer and is well worth a look if you’d like to explore Africa and its wonder in MSFS. With a bit of planning you can also extend your visit and fly northeast, enjoying the gorgeous African plains as you reach another beautiful destination that was also recently upgraded for MSFS: Malawi!

Victoria Falls is now available for MSFS through Simmarket, priced at just around $15.00. For other cool work from Jeppeson2001, check out the previously released Hogwarts Express and Falcon Field Airport!

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 9

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 8

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 7

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 6

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 5

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 4

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 3

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 2

Victoria Falls scenery MSFS 1


  • Victoria Falls, animated with sounds
  • 4 bush strips
  • 6 heliports with multiple starting spots
  • 30 landable helipads in total.
  • Additional remote helipads along the Zambezi River
  • Victoria Falls Bridge with an animated bungee jumper
  • Animated speed Boat, Raft, & Cable Car
  • Animated rapids along a 23 mile stretch of the Batoka Gorge (Zambezi River)
  • Fully Terraformed river base and custom rapids textures.