Take a look into this detailed recreation of Falcon Field Airport, one of the busiest GA airfields in the US

Looking for a new, large GA airport to take your Turbo Arrow or Seneca V? Well, look no further than to the recently released Falcon Field Airport (KFFZ), in Arizona, a bustling general aviation airport that occupies a large area near Phoenix. Falcon Field has a rich history that goes back to World War II, when it served the Allied military effort in the training of British and American pilots.

Nowadays, Falcon Field is home to the largest flight school in the world, CAE Phoenix, and also a Commemorative Air Force unit that operates a B-17G and a B25J, among others.

Jeppeson2001 saw the opportunity to recreate this airfield as it deserves, greatly improving the default scenery with realism and immersion in mind. Falcon Field has many buildings and hangars, with airplanes scattered throughout the field, and this has been replicated very accurately.

Here you will also find an accurate and up-to-date ground layout, which even includes new hangars on the north side of the field, which are still being built in the real world.

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 10

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 7

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 5

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 4

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 3

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 2

Besides the comprehensive and detailed overall environment, the developer also added a few cool details that aren’t often seen, such as animated hangar doors and advertising board. Especially interesting is the large WWII photo that wraps around the control tower. Other than that, Falcon Field was built with the latest MSFS technologies in mind, like dynamic night lighting and PBR textures throughout.

Overall, it’s a great depiction of an important general aviation airport, and should grab your attention if you have a remote interest in good quality GA airports for your trips around the US.

Falcon Field Airport is now available through Simmarket for just $17.99.

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 11

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 9

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 8

Falcon Field Airport MSFS 6

Main Features:

  • Highly detailed Falcon Field Airport scenery
  • WWII photo wraps on the Control Tower & Hangars which make this airport so unique.
  • Up-to-date ground layout of taxiways and aprons. Custom-made fixed distance markers for runway 4R/22L which illuminate day & night.
  • 128, 3D objects custom made exclusively for Falcon Field
  • Includes 4 static aircraft (Piper Archer TX, CH-47 Chinook, B25J, & Yak-52)
  • I have made use of PBR Materials to build realistic surfaces for buildings and objects
  • Detailed ground markings and new taxiway layouts, including both of the recently added taxiway exits to the north of runway 4L/22R. Custom centreline & edge lining to correct coloring and width. Custom made crack sealant textures on the aprons & runways
  • Extremely detailed Control Tower & Terminal Building interiors
  • Detailed animated bi-folding hangar doors at the CAE Hangar facility (functions on a timer)
  • Functional windsocks which have been modified to accurately show the wind direction.
  • Animated Flags
  • Traffic lights, & stationary traffic have been added to the road intersections on final approach to runways 4R & 22L
  • Terraforming in the vicinity of the airport to correct the default scenery which had flooded road intersections, as this airport sits in a photogrammetry area.
  • Runway starting points have been amended to begin at the holding points, this helps to reduce the amount of spawning on the runways.
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting