Begin your career as an African bush pilot and explore Malawi with this huge freeware scenery package!

Microsoft Flight Simulator has quickly become the best platform for simmers who like to fly low and slow, enjoying the views or looking for a tiny strip to precisely put a small airplane down. Bush flying can be hugely fun for the pilot in command while also playing a crucial role for communities around the world, who rely on it to travel or move goods and supplies.

One of the regions of the world where bush aviation is an important aspect of life, in remote areas, is Africa. A small airplane is often the best way to reach an unprepared destination across this vast continent and can be used for recreational purposes, tourist transport, humanitarian missions, or even responding to critical medical emergencies.

Malawi Project MSFS 6

The African scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator may not be up to the level of other places in the world, but the satellite imagery in this continent is still very realistic, varied, and a pleasure to appreciate from above! As with everything in MSFS, this can be enhanced even further by the work of the talented community of developers who devote their time creating content for the simulator. Today, we’re bringing you one of such projects, a comprehensive freeware package dedicated to creating the best bush flying experience in Malawi!

Malawi Project for MSFS was first launched earlier this year and has since been updated a few times by darshonaut, the developer behind this undertaking. His goal is simple: to provide MSFS simmers with a bush aviation playground in the heart of Africa, with dozens of airstrips to discover on land and water and stunning wildlife roaming around the gorgeous landscapes below.

Malawi Project is now on version 3 and comes with 50 airstrips in Malawi and neighboring countries. You’ll be able to start in a cold & dark state in each and everyone one of them, and you’ll even find custom objects that depict cargo and passengers waiting to be transferred.

Malawi Project MSFS 7

Malawi Project MSFS 5

Malawi Project MSFS 4

Malawi Project MSFS 2

Malawi Project MSFS 1

When in flight, prepare to be surprised by Africa’s legendary wildlife, which finds Malawi to be the perfect habitat thanks to the hand-placement of this scenery’s developer. Hippos, elephants, giraffes, flamingos, and more, roam freely or are located in specific spots in the land, making for incredible sightseeing from above. This impressive natural scenery is complemented by the addition of boats to the lakes and marinas in the region, which definitely help to increase the levels of realism and immersion.

Malawi Project is a feature-rich product that even comes with 3 Landing Challenges, 1 Discovery Flight, and a collection of flight plans that you can quickly load to get straight into the best spots in the scenery.

Best of all? This is all free and ready to download on an easy-to-install package. It’s also quite light, since it uses the default object library in MSFS. Just make sure to download all the free World Updates to get all the necessary assets.

Malawi Project v3 is available for free at