4Simmers releases Lake County Airport for MSFS, the highest in North America

4Simmers is a new developer of scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, joining the ranks of the growing community of creators for this new simulator. Among the first releases, which include Skive Airport and Murray Field, we also got a rather interesting airport in North America: Lake County Airport (KLXV), the highest in the continent.

At an elevation of 9.934 ft, Lake County Airport poses a serious challenge for pilots, who find the high altitude to have a serious performance impact on any airplane. In the case of Lake County, a successful landing grants the keen pilot a free certificate to commemorate such an accomplishment!

Also known as Leadville Airport, KLXV is located in the state of Colorado, USA. It’s now used as a general aviation airport, with an average of around 30 aircraft movements per day. Curiously, it once had a scheduled airline service, with the defunct Rocky Mountain Airways operating routine flights to Denver with the very capable Twin Otter.

Lake County Airport MSFS 8

Lake County Airport MSFS 7

Lake County Airport MSFS 6

Lake County Airport MSFS 5

Lake County Airport MSFS 4

Lake County Airport MSFS 3

Lake County Airport MSFS 2

4Simmers found the opportunity to recreate this interesting airfield for MSFS, which they took care of with an up-to-date airport layout and appreciable attention to detail. Some interiors have been modeled for added immersion, and the airport’s hangars look realistic and with their fair share of details.

Lake County Airport (KLXV) is now available for a rather enticing price: $6.40 at the time of this writing, down from the usual $8.00. That certificate is waiting for you!


  • High resolution on terrain mesh around the airport for a impressive immersion
  • Airport layout 2021
  • Handcraft models