iniBuilds releases New York-JFK International Airport for MSFS

iniBuilds has released today their stunning new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator: New York-JFK International Airport. This release will undoubtedly be an exciting add-on for airliner pilots in MSFS as they’ll be able to fly to and from this international mega-hub with over 130 gates spread across five active terminals!

Located in the bustling city of New York, JFK Airport is a hub for both international and cargo flights. And, with iniBuilds promising updates to coincide with real-life construction projects, the airport’s virtual representation is sure to be an ever-evolving gem, a commitment similar to what they have made with regard to LAX.

Handcrafted Ground Poly and Bespoke Textures

With attention to detail, iniBuilds has crafted ground poly and textures to give the runways, aprons, paths, and roads an authentic look and feel. This level of detail also extends to the landside of the airport, featuring custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers, and more.

Dynamic Lighting and Highly Detailed Models

You can expect a truly immersive experience with accurately modeled and positioned dynamic airport lighting. Moreover, KJFK Airport for MSFS will have highly detailed models of airport buildings, objects, and surroundings that closely resemble the real-world location.

Custom Jetways and Taxi Signage

To add to the realism, iniBuilds has created custom-built jetways with realistic variations, PBR texturing, and animations, including gate number toppers. The taxi signage will also accurately reflect real-world conditions.

Animated JFK AirTrain and Canarsie Approach

One of the hero pieces within the airport is the fully animated JFK AirTrain that connects all terminals. It even comes with modeled interiors of the stations! Additionally, simmers can enjoy the accurate representation of the famous Canarsie approach, giving an authentic feel to their virtual flying experience.

Optimized Performance and Compatibility

The developers have ensured that the latest MSFS SDK features are utilized, allowing for the best optimization and performance possible. KJFK for MSFS will also be fully compatible with iniManager, allowing users to configure their scenery for optimal performance on their systems.

iniBuilds KJFJ Airport MSFS 6

iniBuilds KJFJ Airport MSFS 5

iniBuilds KJFJ Airport MSFS 4

iniBuilds KJFJ Airport MSFS 3

iniBuilds KJFJ Airport MSFS 2

Exploring the Iconic TWA Hotel

Among the numerous features packed into the JFK Airport for MSFS, the infamous TWA Hotel stands out. Originally the TWA Flight Center Building, this $265 million hotel has been meticulously recreated in the simulator. You’ll be able to appreciate the intricate details of the interior, including the 10,000 square foot observation deck and the infinity pool. And of course, the Constellation aircraft in the landmark TWA colors is resting in the courtyard of the hotel.

Custom Jetways

The focus on critical details is what sets iniBuilds apart, and JFK Airport MSFS is no exception. The airport features over 10 custom jetway types, ensuring that each of the 130 different gate types has a unique configuration and scheme.

Don’t miss out on this incredible release, which promises to elevate your airliner simming experience to new heights!

iniBuilds’ HJFK Airport is out now, priced at just around $25. Happy flying!