Parallel 42 releases //42 Bluffers Hill scene for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Parallel 42 has released //42 Bluffers Hill for Microsoft Flight Simulator, another unique custom scenery designed to immerse simmers into a cozy but challenging landing spot in the wilderness, just like Hogsback Ranch, High Voltage, and others before it.

Located near Red Bluff, California, Bluffers Hill is surrounded by stunning bluffs and sandbars. The landing strip, a grassy slope, is not for the faint-hearted. Pilots will need more than just skill to land here; a bit of luck may be key in getting your aircraft down safely! The scene is designed to be a challenging strip with an immaculate vibe, providing a perfect place for users to engage with //42 Campout.

Bluffers Hill features a 583ft grass strip with no maintenance, a grass helipad, and a challenging approach onto a short and narrow hillside strip. The runway is aggressively sloped, and depth/distance perception will be a significant challenge for pilots. The scene also includes a custom 3D library of on-ground assets, a beautiful lake scene, and a bonus strip known as “Hillbilly Hideout” in the vicinity.

The scene is devoid of amenities such as restrooms, drinking water, weather info, lights, and fuel. However, it does offer a dedicated camping area, fishing, and dark nights for those who enjoy the wilderness. The area is scenic, surrounded by bluffs and hilltops perfect for exploration.

//42 Bluffers Hill is now available for purchase at $8 via the developer’s own website. A release is expected to also hit Orbx’s distribution platform and the MSFS Marketplace soon!