//42 releases High Voltage: an electrifying new scenery for MSFS

In their second release in a week (Stripr launched a few days ago), //42 is back to the news with the release of another one of their “Scenes” for Microsoft Flight Simulator. //42 High Voltage Scene invites simmers to thrilling new adventures in a meticulously designed add-on where danger awaits in the most critical stages of flight!

This scenery offers simmers a new challenge to experience in MSFS, specifically designed for bush pilots. //42 High Voltage introduces a privately owned farm strip, 42HV High Voltage, nestled amidst breathtaking hills and only a 10-mile flight away from 42BC Bush Plane Campout. This grass field is sloped to one side and tailor-made for high-wing STOL aircraft. Nearby high-voltage power lines add an extra thrill to your approach. If you can hear the buzzing, you’re too close!

The scene comes with its own set of challenges, including a challenging approach to a short and narrow valley strip, and various on-ground hazards. The scene also includes a custom soundscape near power lines, campgrounds, and cows.

//42 High Voltage Scene is now available via //42, Orbx, and will soon come to the MSFS Marketplace for both PC and Xbox.

The High Voltage Scene joins a robust line of scene offerings from Parallel 42. The developer has a history of creating intimate real-world sites with natural details, accurate topography, and vibrant textures that capture the essence of each location. Other notable scenes include 42MG – Mr. Goodbar, 42ST – Sharktooth Ridge, 42HB – Hogsback Ranch, and 42BC – Bush Plane Campout, among others.