MK-STUDIOS releases Vágar Airport for MSFS, the only airport in the Faroe Islands

MK-STUDIOS may have just released a fairly important European airport for MSFS (Porto Airport, in Portugal), but the team is not resting on their laurels. In their second release this month, MK-STUDIOS now brings us EKVG Vágar Airport, in the Faroe Islands, the only airport serving this North Atlantic archipelago.

Vágar Airport is a small infrastructure, mostly used by Atlantic Airways, the Faroese national airline, for flights to Oslo, Copenhagen, or Reykjavik, along with other season destinations. Atlantic Airways also operates a helicopter shuttle from Vágar to other islands in the archipelago.

The airport’s runway was extended about 10 years ago, allowing aircraft such as the Airbus A319 and Boeing 737 to operate here, thus opening the way for bigger charter aircraft to fly to Vágar. The short and sloped runway, coupled with the surrounding hills, strong winds and fog, can prove to be a real challenge for pilots. Maybe a cool stopover to test your skills on your way to Iceland, further north?

To recreate this airport in MSFS, the developers used high-resolution PBR textures, detailed buildings and improved aerial imagery and mesh. The result is an accurate representation of EKVG, a significant improvement over the stock airport, as expected.

EKVG Vágar Airport is now available through Orbx Direct for just around €9,56 | £8.07 | $11.09.

Vagar airport msfs 4

Vagar airport msfs 2

Vagar airport msfs 1

Main Features

  • Vagar Airport in very detailed rendition,
  • High definition 2k textures with PBR support,
  • Satellite image for the airport area,
  • Terrain mesh,
  • Runway profile,
  • Simplified terminal interior.