A2A publishes new video detailing the engine management in the upcoming Comanche 250 for MSFS

Just a couple of days after sharing a detailed feature list and a great selection of fantastic new screenshots of the Comanche 250, A2A Simulations is back today with a captivating and highly informative new video that showcases the extensive engine simulation MSFS simmers will soon find in their Comanche.

The video features A2A’s CEO Scott Gentile, who begins by emphasizing that while the Comanche excels in various capacities, it’s a ‘cruiser at heart‘, meaning it is designed for flying fast, steady, and far. It further offers insights into cruise altitude decisions, highlighting factors such as fuel efficiency, range, airspace concerns, and wind conditions.

Moreover, Scott offers an in-depth analysis of engine management, specifically addressing the power-to-RPM relationship and demonstrating various ways to achieve the same power output at different RPM levels. He highlights the efficiency of low RPM cruising, demonstrating how minor changes in RPM can significantly influence fuel efficiency, engine temperature, and overall wear and tear in the engine. It’s exactly what we would expect from A2A: an immersive simulation of a real aircraft, where everything the pilots does has consequences in how the aircraft performs!

Another interesting segment of the video pertains to understanding the aircraft’s most efficient cruising speed and its relationship with drag. Scott demonstrates the exponential increase in drag at higher speeds, illustrating the necessity of finding the sweet spot for both power and fuel efficiency.

The video concludes with a highly detailed explanation of mixture settings. Scott delineates the three primary mixture settings – full rich, best power, and best economy – and elucidates how each impacts engine temperatures and performance. With an intuitive engine monitor built into the Comanche’s EFB, Scott guides us through each mixture setting, displaying real-time effects on engine parameters.

This new video reveals the depth and sophistication that A2A’s Comanche 250 brings to MSFS and underscores the company’s commitment to providing an authentic flight simulation experience, demonstrating how users can maximize their understanding and enjoyment of this iconic aircraft.

You just have to learn to listen to your engine“, says Scott towards the end. The Comanche promises to be a handful: engaging, educational, and empowering the simmer to fly with understanding, intuition, and joy. I can’t wait!