BMWorld and AmSim team up again to release Oakland International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The talented folks at BMWorld and AmSim have joined forces once again to create a stunning and lifelike new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After Memphis, SeaTac, and Phoenix, the developers have now tackled another airport in the West Coast of the United States: KOAK Oakland International Airport. The airport, which is nestled 10 miles south of Downtown Oakland, is a key hub for the bustling East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Once again, the attention to detail in this collaboration is truly impressive. The list of features includes animated jetways that move realistically, taxiways and runways adorned with custom markings, and much more.

As you taxi to your gate, you’ll notice the high-resolution ground textures, which encompass everything from the runways and taxiways to the surrounding dirt, grass, and other terrain details. This level of detail to the fully modeled surrounding buildings, including hangars, offices, and terminals. BMWorld and AmSim promise to have created these structures to match their real-world counterparts. Besides, with the implementation of parallax windows, which make building windows appear more three-dimensional, you’ve got an airport that should look and feels like the real deal!

KOAK Oakland Airport MSFS 6

KOAK Oakland Airport MSFS 5

KOAK Oakland Airport MSFS 4

KOAK Oakland Airport MSFS 3

KOAK Oakland Airport MSFS 1

Of course, no Bay Area airport would be complete without the iconic Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train. BMWorld and AmSim have animated the BART train to add a dynamic element to the airport’s environment, making it feel even more alive.

To help you find your designated parking spot, the developers have also assigned accurate airline codes to each parking space.

BMWorld and AmSim’s excellent and continued collaboration sees a new chapter with this rendition of Oakland International Airport, which is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at around $18.50 through Orbx Direct.