FlyInside is also releasing the Bell 206 for MSFS very soon!

Well, here’s something unexpected to keep up with our theme for today: helicopters! Following our earlier report about Cowan Simulation’s imminent release of the Bell 206B for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it came to our attention that FlyInside, the makers of the first payware helicopter for MSFS (the B-47-G2), are also about to release their own rendition of the iconic JetRanger!

With the B-47, FlyInside did a great job implementing its own solution to have a realistic helicopter in MSFS, way before Asobo and Microsoft managed to deliver a native solution. FlyInside is staying faithful to its innovative software and will release the Bell 206B on the same terms, with a flight model that can be customized to user preference through Helimanager, an external app developed internally.

FlyInside promises a very realistic aircraft with the B206, in terms of features, visuals, and sounds. Expect to see high-resolution textures, an accurate 3D model, and more than 100 sounds recorded from a real helicopter. Besides the authentic flight model, you’ll also find a fully interactive cockpit where everything works and does what it’s supposed to do.

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 8

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 7

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 1

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 6

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 5

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 4

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 3

FlyInside Bell 206 Jet Ranger MSFS 2

Those looking for an in-depth helicopter simulation are in for a treat with the FlyInside B206. The Allison engine has been modeled in great detail down to its “finicky startup procedure“. A mistake may result in a hot start, which is not desirable at all and very costly in the real world. Thankfully, you’ll be able to quickly reset the engine and try again in MSFS.

FlyInside claims that MSFS simmers will gain access to a very faithful virtual version of the B206 regarding the aircraft’s characteristics in flight, including retreating blade stall, VRS (Settling with Power) ETL (Effective Translational Lift), Translating Tendency, and more. You’ll be able to do full touchdown autorotations, hovering autos, run on landings, and so on. FlyInside’s goal is to offer an experience in MSFS that closely mimics the real-world 206.

Like Cowan’s B206, the FlyInside version should be out this month! And, like that, this helicopter gets two faithful renditions in Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing this iconic bird back to the place where it has belonged for many years!

As usual, we’ll keep this project under our radar and bring you further details once they become available. In the meantime, check RotorRick’s preview video below, where you can see the FlyInside B206 in more detail: