The Got Friends Wilga is launching next Wednesday, December 7th!

The Got Friends collective is finally ready to launch its latest and greatest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The Wilga 35/80 Series, unveiled in the summer, is launching in just a few days, on December 7th, directly through Got Friends’ new website!

If you’ve been following this project you may remember that the team planned to release the Wilga exclusively through the Marketplace, in a simultaneous launch for PC and Xbox. Got Friends’ followers were quick to react against the exclusive Marketplace launch, requesting the possibility of buying the aircraft through other stores. Well, Got Friends listened, and the Wilga will actually be available from their own store, possibly even before the Marketplace launch, where it’s already in cue for the release.

The new distribution plan will surely be more pleasing to a wider range of potential buyers, specifically those who try to avoid the Marketplace due to its slower updates. Got Friends has yet again shown that user feedback is of utmost importance for the team, catering to a wider range of preferences.

The Wilga needs to introduction at this point if you’ve been following the project and our coverage during the last few months. It’s set to be a very comprehensive package that will render the original Polish bush airplane and its western variant in a wide range of configuration options.

When it launches, the Wilga will offer 4 variants for simmers to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator. These will be the 35A/80, the 35H/80H, the 35P/80P, and the 35X/80X, which go from the standard aircraft to an aggressive backcountry monster with massive 35″ bush wheels and a 450hp engine!

The official page for the aircraft is now live with plenty of details about the product! The Wilga will be available on December 7th, priced at $35.