Travel back to the 1940s and fly with some of the most popular content creators in the community

This Monday, December 5th, TwoToneMurphy and his community – the Fireflies – will set out on an adventure back to the 1940s in search of the thrills of aviation in that era. All pilots are welcome to participate!

This new Flight Sim community series will go on for 9 weeks. Every Monday during this period you’ll have the chance to participate in this community event and experience flight training and operations as they were in the 1940s. From early trainers to fast WWII fighters and twin-engined transport carriers, this promises to be both an entertaining and educational series about this dramatic period of aviation history!

The series will end with a very special 10th flight that will bring together some of the most popular streamers in the flight simulation community. Besides TwoToneMurphy, other notable creators such as TheFlyingFabio, TwoCats, and more will join efforts to attempt a World Record for the most amount of DC-3s/C-47s flying over Normandy, in France!

All pilots are welcome to join the series during the 10 following weeks. It will be a great way to share your passion for historic airplanes with like-minded folks in the MSFS community! Tune up on TwoTuneMurphy’s Twitch channel to participate!