Just Flight wraps up visuals of the Fokker F28. See here the latest images!

The Fokker F28 Fellowship is one of the many cool airplanes being developed by Just Flight, an old aviation classic from the Dutch manufacturer. Its development cycle has taken a while, but the development team seems to be making steady progress, as we can attest from the latest update, which let us know that the work on modeling and texturing is now wrapping up!

The F28 Fellowship was announced way back in June 2021, nearly 17 months ago. Since then, we’ve seen the project evolve into a very promising rendition of this classic airliner, with numerous images featuring a variety of included liveries, the detailed visuals, and even the bright and colorful flight deck.

Just Flight is now saying that the visuals are now pretty much complete. 3D model, textures, animations, and even external elements are done and the aircraft is now finally looking as it should!

Just Flight F28 msfs previews 7.PNG

Just Flight F28 msfs previews 6.PNG

Just Flight F28 msfs previews 5.PNG

Just Flight F28 msfs previews 4.PNG

Just Flight F28 msfs previews 3.PNG

Just Flight F28 msfs previews 2.PNG

That said, the team still has work to do on all the other areas that power the aircraft, such as flight dynamics, sounds, and coding of all the systems. Since these are very unique to the F28, Just Flight is counting on the collaboration of former F28 crew members to ensure a high level of authenticity.

Work carries on as usual in this project, so we’ll keep track of it and let you know of any further updates. In the meantime, check the latest preview images above. This will surely be a unique airplane, quite different from the current crop of airliners in MSFS!

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