FlightSim Community Survey 2022 Now Online!

Navigraph has launched this year’s edition of its highly valuable FlightSim Community Survey. In partnership with several developers and organizations within the community (us included!), this survey aims to gauge the prevailing flight simulation trends and users’ requests for future development.

Like previous years, this survey has an emphasis on the major flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockeed Martin Prepar3D and Laminar Research X-Plane, but the survey also includes questions about add-ons, tools, and flight simulation consoles.

This is the largest and most comprehensive flight simulation survey in the world! By participating you are influencing the future of the community!

The results from the survey will be presented on Navigraph’s Blog by Mid-December, but also by the partners participating in the survey if they wish to. We’ll obviously look into the most important data about our particular focus and share the results with you!

The survey closes on Monday the 28th of November. If you’re curious about last year’s results, check them out here!