SimWorks Studios to release the Van’s RV-14 for MSFS on April 11th

April 9th – This is an update on our original article from last month, when the RV-14 was set for a release on March 28. It didn’t meet that launch date, but SimWorks Studios has now confirmed that this next Monday, April, 11th, MSFS simmers will finally get their hands in the Van’s RV-14. Read more below for further details!

After the highly successful release of the Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, SimWorks Studios is now gearing up for the next aircraft release. Working on several fronts (such as the Dash 7 and the Pilatus PC-12), the team is finishing the very last details of its recreation of the Van’s RV-14, which is now scheduled for a release in just a few days, on Monday, March 28, April 11th.

SimWorks Studios has worked on this aircraft with the close collaboration of the manufacturer, so we’re definitely looking at yet another high-quality product. The RV-14 will come with both its taildragger and tricycle gear variants, with the promise of highly accurate modeling inside and out, a realistic flight model, and authentic sounds to match.

The RV-14 is a speedy little machine, capable of accommodating two pilots while performing some aerobatic maneuvers. It should be a great small plane to explore the scenery in MSFS while enjoying a fun and nuanced flight model.

SimWorks Studios RV 14 3

SimWorks Studios RV 14 2

Besides the proposed release date, SimWorks Studios also revealed the cost of this package. It will come at a surprisingly low price, especially if bought from SimWorks Studios’ own store: just €14.99! This will definitely be the way to go since other stores will carry the product at around €20.00. It’s a very welcoming price, just like in the case of the Wing42 Boeing 247D. Are we seeing the start of a new trend in MSFS, with more affordable high-quality airplanes?

While we’ll have to wait and see how good the RV-14 will turn out to be, this is the new airplane from SimWorks Studios that many folks have been waiting for. The team has gained some quick and well-deserved fame with their Kodiak 100, so the community is naturally looking forward to seeing what they would come up with after that.

Soon we’ll be able to find out but, in the meantime, check out the following early look into the product, courtesy of TheFlyingFabio, who had early access to the aircraft and shared his findings with the community: