Just Flight releases Real Taxiways USA with improved signage for civilian and military airports

More than 3 months after initially unveiling the first images, Just Flight released today a new product series from ‘Black Square’, Real Taxiways USA, dedicated to improving navigation on default airports in MSFS with new accurately placed signs. The first two entries into this series are focused on Military Airfields and Class B, C, D and non-towered Airports, all in the USA, but the developers plan to expand this idea to other countries and regions of the world.

Real Taxiways introduces more readable signs that closely match real-world examples, adding many new types and sizes to the simulator. The goal is to make navigation easier, more immersive and realistic. Due to the more accurate placement of these signs, you should now be able to use real-world diagrams to navigate your way across the taxiways of more than 1.000 US airports.

Real Taxiways USA comes in two separate packages, one for civilian airports and another one for military airfields. They share the same feature set, but different pricing. Real Taxiways USA – Class B, C, D & Non-towered Airports will set you back $39.99, while the Military Airfields version costs $19.99. Arguably steep prices, but the creators hope their product provides a cost-effective way to improve navigation in thousands of default airports, something that previously was only possible with the purchase of single payware airports.

Real Taxiways MSFS 2

Real Taxiways MSFS 1

Real Taxiways MSFS 14

Real Taxiways MSFS 13

Real Taxiways MSFS 12

Real Taxiways MSFS 11

Real Taxiways MSFS 10

Real Taxiways MSFS 9


  • 1,000+ airports updated with 100,000+ taxiway signs! (100+ airports and 10,000+ taxiway signs on Military Airfields)
  • Real-world taxiway names
  • Near real-world taxiway sign placement
  • Multiple variations of all sign types
  • Double-sided taxiway signs
  • Sign sizes are appropriate to the airport
  • Hundreds of airport sign ‘personalities’ for an authentic experience
  • No signs obstructing taxiways or runways
  • Drastically reduced lights on active taxiways at airports without green centerline lighting (~90%)
  • Signs easily readable from cockpit without zooming
  • LAHSO markings removed where they are not present in the real world (present at almost every runway intersection by default)
  • Destination signs match real-world charts
  • Closed taxiways updated and signs added
  • Sign text padding corrected and more readable