Did you ask for a helicopter? Here’s a… Volocopter!

Gamescom was rich in announcements this year for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We already told you about the introduction of the Reno Air Races and the arrival of “Local Legends” (starting with the Junkers JU-52), but the Flight Simulator team has more types of aircraft in store for the future. In parallel with the aforementioned announcements, Jorg Neumann revealed that the very futuristic VeloCity, a German electric VTOL helicopter designed as an air taxi, is also coming to MSFS this next November.

Flight Simulator users have been asking for more helicopters to come for the platform, especially from the Flight Simulator team itself. Some third-party developers have successfully ventured into the world of rotorcraft in MSFS (see the Bell 47-G2 or the upcoming Airbus H145), but a “default” helicopter to set the bar for future projects has yet to arrive. This starts to change now, with the MSFS team opening the way for the official introduction of helicopters in the sim with the release of the VoloCity.

This is one of the most exciting aircraft in the world, created to revolutionize urban transport with drone-type machines that connected people in large cities. Volocopter, the company behind the VoloCity, is now exploring the launch of VoloCity in the US to provide intra-city air taxi services in major metropolitan areas.

While this may not be exactly what people hope to see as the first helicopter to come from the Flight Simulator team, it’s nonetheless a very interesting machine and something completely new!