Gaya Simulations teases Lugano Airport for MSFS

Following its MSFS product roadmap for this year, Gaya Simulations is getting ready to release a new airport for Flight Simulator: LSZA Lugano Airport, in Switzerland.

Lugano Airport is located in a picturesque setting, typical of this region of the world. Its steep angle of descent during the instrument approach is quite challenging, but necessary due to the location in a valley.

Coming from Gaya Simulations, we can surely expect beautifully rendered scenery that stands very highly on an overall quality standard. The team has quickly established itself as one of the best creators of scenery for MSFS, so much so that it’s partnering with the Flight Simulator team to create bespoke airports and landmarks in the regular official World Updates.

In fact, Gaya Simulations is doing exactly this on the upcoming World Update VI that will be focused on Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where they are creating EDHL, LSZR and LOWK. So, Lugano will be coming at the right time for simmers to enjoy together with the aforementioned World Update, which is expected to come out later this month.

Gaya Lugano Airport MSFS 2

Gaya Simulations has other exciting projects in the world for this year. We’re sure people will be excited to know that they are working to bring London’s Standsted Airport for MSFS, for example, but also Munich Airport and Rio de Janeiro’s Santos Dumont Airport. Check their plans on the detailed roadmap here.

As for Lugano, while the team says it’s coming soon, it’s unclear when that exactly may happen. In the meantime, you may want to check another third-party recreation of this airport, release earlier this year by FlyLogic.