Lionheart Creations reveals the Q200 Dragonfly for Flight Simulator

Lionheart Creations has announced its second airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the release of the Socata Trinidad a few months ago, the developer is now getting close to finishing the work on the Q200 Dragonfly, a custom-built airplane that is powered by a 100HP Continental O-200 engine.

The Q200 is an unusual little aircraft, with its tandem wing design giving an interesting look, not unlike the similar Rutan Long-EZ, which is also available for MSFS thanks to Indiafoxtecho.

Lionheart Creations says this airplane is now on its final stages of development. While there’s still work do to, testing is already underway. The cockpit will feature stock dials in full 3D, and there will be green, orange and yellow external colors to match the Lamborghini Huracan colors, as well as a Tesla metallic blue.

Q200 Dragonfly MSFS 4

Q200 Dragonfly MSFS 3

Q200 Dragonfly MSFS 2

This is all we know so far about this new project from Lionheart Creations. The developers has also revealed that the LearAvia 2100 is also in the works for MSFS, but the focus now is to release the Q200.

No estimated release date has been announced, so make sure to stay tuned for further updates if the Q200 Dragonfly got your interest!