A hotfix is now available for MSFS to address issues introduced with Sim Update V

This week’s release of Sim Update V for the PC version of Flight Simulator has been polarising. While many simmers appreciate the performance improvements, others are less happy about how these performance gains were achieved: degraded graphics, reduced LOD or washed-out colors are among the complaints, but it’s the regular crashes that have been driving most people mad (folks, remember that the contents on your Community folder may be a cause for instability. Many third-party add-ons have yet to be updated to be compatible with Sim Update V).

Thankfully, the MSFS team is on top of what’s happening and has launched today a hotfix patch that aims to address some of the most pressing issues from the last few days. As revealed in yesterday’s development update, this hotfix fixes various crashes that simmers have been experiencing. Considering the dramatic changes that Sim Update V introduced, we can certainly expect further patches to be released in the near future, as the developers look to stabilize the platform for what lies ahead.

This patch is now available on both PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Below are the full release notes:

  • Fixed various crashes in game and on the world map
  • Fixed crashes related to the offline AI traffic
  • Fixed minor memory leaks
  • The title should no longer freeze for a very long time when connecting / disconnecting peripherals
  • Fixed broken flight plan for Garmin devices when adding an enroute waypoint that was inserted as a destination
  • Fixed flightplanner not resetting when going from one activity to another
  • Fixed flightplan from flight assistant not displaying on certain planes when VFR map is open after the destination is set
  • Fixed freezes happening when using the flight assistant when setting a new destination
  • VR options should no longer be duplicated in the Option menu
  • Marketplace “Get and download” and “Download” buttons will now function as expected on the Content Page
  • User unable to interact with UI elements with the in game cursor for free flight in some cases
  • Improvements of pitot static system to fix altimeter bugs, improve accuracy and correctly simulate temperature impact
  • Fixed AutoBrakes Button Behavior on the Airbus A320Neo
  • The correct runway is now taken into account for the Landing challenge at Nice
  • Pilots are now displayed in external view at the Isafjordur Landing challenge
  • Title will no longer become unresponsive after using Fuel Supply and using a fuel or payload as a numerical value via ATC Ground Services
  • Some achievements will no longer be awarded in error for certain landing scenarios
  • Fixed big temperature spikes at high altitudes
  • Added new airspace to nearest facility JS API
  • Fixed crashes on WASM modules for older CPUs