Microsoft Flight Simulator is now out on Xbox Series S|X

Almost a year after first launching on PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally landed today on the Xbox Series S|X, a hugely anticipated release that effectively brings the first proper flight simulation experience to a console.

MSFS on the Xbox will essentially provide the same experience that it already offers on the PC. Feature parity is a reality and both versions share the same multiplayer world, content and services across both platforms. Together, PC and Xbox players can now enjoy the same astonishing virtual representation of our planet in a variety of different aircraft.

The technology behind the world of Flight Simulator is arguably the most intriguing aspect of the whole experience. It enables a never-before-seen representation of our planet that is only possible with the powerful Microsoft tech stack, together with strong local computing power. This has seen PC players scrambling to get the best components in a time where chip shortages, crypto mining, and an ongoing pandemic have disturbed prices and availability for CPU’s and GPU’s. That’s why the Xbox version of MSFS gets particularly interesting. For a fraction of the price of a powerful PC, the console promises to offer most of the same experience. Xbox Series X players can expect to fly in 4K at 30fps, while those on Series S will have the simulator render at 1080p.

Naturally, the PC is a much more versatile platform, with countless more accessibility and controller options. Right now there aren’t a lot of choices for flight controllers on Xbox, but this will certainly change soon. However, MSFS comes to the console now with a bunch of new features that should make it easy for console players to get acquainted, such as a new set of tutorials to learn the basics and discovery flights that put you immediately in a gorgeous place in the world.

Console players are also able to enjoy all the great free updates that have been released since the initial launch almost a year ago. All the World Updates are included, which overhauled sections of the world such as the US, Japan, UK, the Nordics, and more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for Xbox Series S|X across the world, and it’s also included on the Xbox Game Pass. An xCloud version is also in the works, which will enable MSFS on mobile devices and also on older consoles, but for that you will have to wait.

It’s worth noting that today the PC side of MSFS is also getting a major update that will introduce all the Xbox goodies on the desktop. Sim Update V brings massive performance improvements and feature parity with everything the Xbox version has to offer: new tutorials, a completely overhauled world map, particle effects, POI labels, and much more.