Pilot Experience Sim releases massive update for Maule M7 for MSFS

Pilot Experience Sim (PESIM) has released a very significant update for its rendition of the Maule M7-235 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update is absolutely packed with improvements and new features, including a reworked design, updated flight dynamics, improved engine simulation, and much more, all validated by a real Maule pilot and instructor.

The Maule M7 is a versatile aircraft known for its excellent short-field performance and durability. Its latest update makes it even more immersive and realistic and promises to completely overhaul the experience for those who invested in the original version. The PESIM team told us that they have worked tirelessly on the update, incorporating valuable feedback from users and real Maule pilots.

One of the highlights in the update is the redesigned aircraft model. The nose, lateral bars, and elevator trim have been reworked for enhanced accuracy. The engine design also received improvements, and a stabilizer aileron has been added to the floater variation. The flaps’ performances have been adjusted for better alignment with real-world flight characteristics. Furthermore, the tailwheel logic and turn coefficient have been updated to closely match the real aircraft’s behavior.

Maule M7 v1.1 MSFS 3

Maule M7 v1.1 MSFS 2

Maule M7 v1.1 MSFS 1

The update includes a completely custom fuel system and the addition of auxiliary fuel tanks. The team has invested significant effort in simulating realistic engine conditions. Users can now experience how an injection engine behaves in different temperature conditions, including the possibility of flooding and thermal shock. Additionally, the update introduces a spark plug simulation, adding another layer of realism to the flying experience. To fully appreciate and utilize these features, users are advised to read the provided user manual.

The cockpit also received several updates. The doors mechanism, including the lock, wind force, and collision, has been reworked, and authentic Maule door sounds have been added. An EFB has replaced the clipboard, allowing users to manage fuel, read the checklist, and even create their own custom pages using the paintkit. The float version now includes an anchor and a paddle movement, both of which can be managed from the EFB.

Also new in the cockpit are a thermometer and an horameter, which allow pilots to keep track of their flight hour count.

PESIM Maule M7 review MSFS 4
We had a lot of fun with the Maule’s STOL capabilities during our review process.

The Maule M7 update is expected to be available on the Microsoft Marketplace in 2 to 3 weeks. The update is already online for users of Simmarket and Inibuilds who are using PESIM’s custom setup and PESIM Central.

As a result of these design changes, previous third-party paint kits will no longer be compatible. PESIM has released an official paint kit compatible with the updated Maule M7. The paint kit can be downloaded at link.

As the PESIM team continues to refine the Maule M7, they are committed to delivering the most authentic and enjoyable flying experience for MSFS users who own and love this airplane. The Maule M7 is currently available for both PC and Xbox users and is priced at €25.99 through the Marketplace and other third-party stores such as SimMarket and iniBuilds.

Maule M7 V1.1.0 changelog :

  • Validated by real Maule pilot instructor
  • Updated flaps performances
  • Updated exterior design
  • Added float version aileron
  • Updated engine design
  • Updated elevator trim design
  • Updated floaters textures
  • Updated tailwheel logical and turn coefficient
  • Updated doors mecanism included lock
  • Added real Maule doors sounds
  • Added realistic wind force and constrain on doors
  • Updated rudder trim to rudder lock
  • Added thermometer
  • Added horameter
  • Added complete custom fuel system
  • Updated fuel flow to custom
  • Added auxiliary tanks
  • Added selectable realistic engine conditions feature
  • Added spark plugs logical
  • Updated station load positions
  • Updated clipboard to EFB
  • Added loads wheight variables
  • Added fuel load from EFB
  • Added float version anchor from EFB
  • Added paddle movement from EFB
  • Added editable checklist from EFB
  • Updated user manual