Perfect Flight goes to Germany: 24 Landing Challenges and a Bush Trip await you

We have covered Perfect Flight’s releases quite frequently since the release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers focus on creating new landing challenges and bush trips for the new sim, with a variety of scenarios that have taken us to discover the United States, Japan, UK, Nepal, among others.

The team has now revealed their next adventure, to be focused in Germany. Flying Germany MSFS‘ is now available and includes 24 Landing Challenges and 1 Bush Trip that will take you across a 1500 NM journey to discover many of Germany’s most important landmarks.

The included Landing Challenges are well integrated into the sim, alongside the default ones, and separated between the same categories. You will find 8 challenges in each Famous, Epic and Strong Wind difficulties, in a total of 24 challenges that you will have to face with a variety of aircraft in Germany’s most treacherous locations.

Germany landing challenges bush flight MSFS 7

Germany landing challenges bush flight MSFS 6

Germany landing challenges bush flight MSFS 5

Germany landing challenges bush flight MSFS 1

Germany landing challenges bush flight MSFS 4

Germany landing challenges bush flight MSFS 3

Germany landing challenges bush flight MSFS 2

The bush trip, on the other side, should be a more relaxing experience, taking you across the country to discover and see the most important cities and landmarks. As you go along this discover flight, you will be guided by the included Navlog, which includes details about each point of interest – 104 in total. As usual with Perfect Flight’s packages, you have entire freedom to customize this adventure to your liking: choose your aircraft, weather conditions and time of day as you see fit, and enjoy the experience on your own terms!

We are not the only ones who have been paying attention to Perfect Flight’s work. Microsoft and Asobo seem to appreciate the developer’s adventures, and have recently set a partnership that will have Perfect Flight working on future World Updates, creating new bush trips that will come bundled with the official MSFS updates. The next World Update, to be focused on the Nordic countries, will already feature at least a new bush trip designed and created by Perfect Flight.

Flying Germany MSFS is now available.