Explore the entire world in MSFS with this new collection of Discovery Flights and Landing Challenges

Perfect Flight continues to give us excuses to visit noteworthy locations around the world, taking advantage of Microsoft Flight Simulator as a “virtual tourism” platform that covers the entire planet, available to enjoy in the comfort of each of our homes.

Following on a series of products that have been released since MSFS launched in 2020, Perfect Flight has released this week a brand new product that instead of focusing on a specific region of the world, offers a little bit of everything in a variety of locations across the whole globe.

Beautiful World MSFS is being offered as an “all-inclusive” collection of MSFS activities destined to simmers who would like to discover some new places to fly. This comprehensive package includes 7 new Scenic Tours across some stunning regions such as Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the Bahamas, or the Rocky Mountains, but also 9 Discovery Flights dedicated to world-famous cities like Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, and more.

While these activities are aimed more at the virtual tourist in you, Beautiful World MSFS also includes new Landing Challenges if you’re looking for a more challenging time. From bringing a huge Boeing 747 to safety at Guarulhos International Airport, in São Paulo, to landing a Cessna Caravan in Papua’s Sindeni Airstrip, there’s a good variety of landing challenges to test your skills, especially if you’re fond of these quick and thrilling activities in MSFS.

To sweeten the deal, Perfect Flight adds markers for 439 new Landmarks across all the regions covered by these activities, to make them even more interesting as you fly and discover these places.

Beautiful World MSFS is now available for $14.95.

Perfect Flight Beautiful MSFS 4

Perfect Flight Beautiful MSFS 3

Perfect Flight Beautiful MSFS 2

Perfect Flight Beautiful MSFS 1

Main features:

  • 439 Landmarks – a multitude of new markers for bridges, buildings, parks, squares, monuments, rivers, lakes and much more.
  • 7 Scenic Tours – Explore some of the most beautiful areas in the world on these seven tours which include: Amalfi Coast, Grand Bahama, Kotor Bay, Panama Canal, Rocky Mountains, British Virgin Islands and Zhangye National Geopark.
  • 9 Discovery Flights – Fly over a set of beautiful cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Lille, London, Rome, Southampton, Paris, Venice and Freeport.
  • 8 Landing Challenges – Make a perfect landing at Cocobeach, Guarulhos Intl, Ivato, Key West, Newarl Liberty, Puerto Princesa, Seymour and Sindeni Airstrip.
  • Easy to fly – In Scenic Tours You can easily follow the flight plan from the PFD but you will receive also routing instruction as well. So enjoy beautiful views and incredible landscapes. Hours and hours of pure fun, indulging your passion for flying at the same time.
  • TTS technology – Missions take advantage of the Microsoft TTS technology and you will receive instructions and information about the flight by the Narrator voice.
  • Custom Settings – You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather, season, date and time.