Perfect Flight releases ‘Flying Nepal’, a collection of 24 landing challenges and a bush trip in Nepal

Perfect Flight has been very active in MSFS, with the release of several Landing Challenges packs and bush trips around the world, such as this one dedicated to Hawai, or this one in Norway’s fjords. Now, Perfect Flight is bringing this same idea to Nepal, with 24 landing challenges and a bush trip.

This will surely prove to be a series of challenging adventures, considering the harsh characteristics of Nepal’s geography. The Himalayas are a seemingly unbeatable obstacle, with some of the tallest mountains in the world, and each airport and airfield that lies between these icy walls can prove to be a true test of your aviator skills. It’s also, undoubtedly, an absolutely gorgeous landscape to explore!

Perfect Flight includes here 24 Landing Challenges in a variety of airports in Nepal, with different sizes that cater to different types of aircraft. These are well integrated in MSFS, separated between the included Famous, Epic and Strongwind categories.

Besides these landing challenges, there’s also a bush trip that will take you along a 363NM adventure, divided in 13 legs, between Bajura and Chandragadhi. You will find a nicely detailed Nav Log, with many points of interest and photos. Instructions are also voiced, thanks to the text-to-speech technologies embedded in the sim.

‘Perfect Flight – Flying Nepal’ for MSFS is now available for just around 15€.