Terrapearl Studios releases Molokai Airport (PHMK) for MSFS

Terrapearl Studios, the developers who brought us the picturesque Sekiu Airport and Marina earlier this year, are back to MSFS with a new release, this time in the Hawaiian Islands. Molokai Airport (PHMK), located on the namesake island in the Pacific.

Molokai is the fifth most populated island in Hawai, but with just over 7000 permanent inhabitants, it’s hardly a busy place. In fact, there isn’t even much tourism, so you’re looking at a mostly natural landscape.

The main airport on the island, here recreated by Terrapearl Studios, is a small airfield that is mostly used for commuter flights to other Hawaiian Islands. Mokulele Airlines has an important role here, flying to Honolulu, Kahului and Kalaupapa.

The developers are promising an extremely detailed airport, hand-crafted with great care in order to make it as realistic as possible. The official product images do look very nice indeed, with many small details that help giving an edge when it comes to realism and immersion. You will find custom ground pavements and tarmac, many custom objects and even some interior areas.

We know how sometimes it’s the small details that create the whole environment, and Terrapearl Studios seems to believe in that too. The airport is filled with clutter such as crates and barrels, but also many vehicles and workers doing their thing.

Flying in Hawaii is always a tremendous experience, and having custom-built airports as detailed as this one makes the whole thing even better. Molokai Airport (PHMK) is now available for just under $16.

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 9

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 7

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 6

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 5

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 4

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 3

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 2

Molokai Airport PHMK MSFS 1

Main Features:

– 100% Full PBR technologies used
– HDR Lighting
– Slew of carefully hand-crafted objects carefully placed using the most recent data available
– Custom, painstakingly hand crafted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirt, cracks, patches, and 3D effect on edges (illusion of thickiness)
– Added missing vegetation data in areas surrounding the airport
– Hundreds of hand placed 3D grass, shrubs, weeds, and much more
– Added road textures to airport and surrounding areas
– Plenty of clutter (crates, barrels, 3D airport workers, vehicles, etc)
– Corrected Mesh
– Very detailed terminal with partial interior (rental car area, baggage claim)
– Proper airport data (VASI light position, parking spots)
– Quick support and updates as the SDK evolves

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