Sekiu Airport (11S) & Marina released by Terrapearl Studios

Looking for a new stop for your adventures across the Pacific Northwest? Then this new airport by Terrapearl Studios may be the perfect thing to try!

Sekiu Airport (ICAO: 11S) is located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, and sits at about the same distance to Seattle and Vancouver. Nearby you will find the local Marina, here rendered with its docks, boats and vehicles, all in high quality textures and 3D modelling.

Terrapearl Studios has also recreated the Sekiu Airfield with realistic textures and details such as cracks, stains and dirt, in order to provide the most realistic experience when arriving or departing from this small airfield.

Sekiu Airport definitely looks like a great small airport to explore the region, and if you like the Pacific Northwest you should definitely appreciate the attention to detail in this Terrapearl’s first addon release for Flight Simulator. Available now!


  • 100% Full PBR technologies used
  • HDR Lighting
  • Slew of carefully hand-crafted objects carefully placed using most recent data available
  • Custom, hand painted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirt, cracks, patches, and water puddles
  • Added missing vegetation data in areas surrounding the community of Sekiu
  • Tons of hand placed 3D grass, shrubs, weeds, and much more
  • Added road textures to town around airport and marina
  • Plenty of clutter (crates, barrels, 3D people, boats, vehicles, etc)
  • Corrected Mesh
  • Full rendition of the Seiku marina with docks, HQ 3D boats, and various vehicles
  • Proper airport data (VASI light position and cages, parking spots)
  • Quick support and updates as the SDK evolve