LatinVFR releases the Airbus A340 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

LatinVFR continues to expand their lineup of Airbus aircraft from Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the A318, A319, A320ceo, A321, and A330, the developer has now released the Airbus A340-300, their largest model yet, available now via the MSFS Marketplace for both PC and Xbox users.

The Airbus A340-300 is a long-range, wide-body commercial airliner, introduced in 1993. It features a twin-aisle cabin layout typically seating between 250 to 300 passengers. The A340 is known for its ability to handle long-haul routes, with a range of approximately 7,400 to 7,700 nautical miles.

The A340-300’s four-engine design not only provides ample power for extended flights but also enhances safety and reliability over vast, uninhabited expanses such as oceans.

LatinVFR categorizes its Airbus A340 for MSFS as an entry to mid-level simulation that replicates most of the basic functions and handling characteristics of the real Airbus A340. Here’s a rundown of the key features of this package:

  • 42 Detailed Liveries: A mixture of real-world and fictional liveries representing various global operators.
  • Customized Systems: Simulation of the A340-300’s basic cockpit functionalities including a unique implementation of VNAV and modified avionics based on the A320neo.
  • Highly Detailed Models: Both the exterior and interior of the aircraft feature high-definition textures.
  • Comprehensive Cabin and Cockpit: The cabin includes business class, premium economy, and economy seating along with galleys. The cockpit is modeled to reflect the real A340, including functional systems and realistic sounds.
  • Advanced Functionalities: Features like fuel dumping, auto transfer of the trim tank, and simulated aircraft’s center of gravity adjustments.
  • EFB: This includes weather updates, aircraft loading, SimBrief integration, Navigraph charts with subscription, and ground service equipment controls.
  • Flight Dynamics: LatinVFR says that the flight model closely mirrors the characteristics and performance metrics of the Airbus A340-300.
LatinVFR A340 MSFS 3

LatinVFR A340 MSFS 4

LatinVFR A340 MSFS 5

LatinVFR A340 MSFS 2

At its launch, the LatinVFR A340 does not support Autoland or RNAV approaches and requires manual injection of coordinates into the CDU via SimBrief. However, LatinVFR has announced plans for ongoing updates that will address these limitations and introduce more advanced functionalities to enhance the simulation experience further.

The Airbus A340-300 from LatinVFR is available now via the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $29,49 for both PC and Xbox. It should eventually become available in third-party stores, too.