LatinVFR announces Airbus A319 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

LatinVFR continues to expand the variety of add-on offering to the Microsoft Flight Simulator crowd. The team recently ventured into aircraft creation with the A321neo, and they are now looking to continue the series with the smaller A319, which was just announced and is expected to be released soon!

LatinVFR surprised us earlier this summer with its A321neo for MSFS, which was essentially the external model of the longer A320 variant coupled with the cockpit and systems of Asobo’s default airliner. The LatinVFR A319 will follow the same line, providing simmers with the opportunity to fly the cute little airplane while enjoying the fairly detailed systems they are already familiar with from the default A320.

If history repeats itself (we have to do a bit of guesswork at this point, since LatinVFR didn’t provide many details so far), we should see the A319 come with a few additional bells and whistles besides the custom external model: a customized flight model and detailed cabin interior are surely coming with the package (the latter is even previewed in the trailer video that you can watch below).

LatinVFR says that its A319 will be coming soon to the MSFS Marketplace. Four versions will be included: the A319CFM, A319 IAE, and A319CJ CFM/IAE.

In terms of liveries, LatinVFR will include 12 with the package, representing airlines such as Eurowings, Lufthansa, American Airlines, EasyJet, and more.

Expect to hear more about this project soon, but it all points to a release in the Marketplace fairly soon. Once it’s ready, LatinVFR A319 will become available for both PC and Xbox. In terms of pricing, we’re expecting to see something along the lines of the A321, which launched with a $24.99 price tag.

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 9

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 8

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 7

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 6

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 5

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 4

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 3

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 2

LatinVFR Airbus A319 MSFS 1