SimWorks Studios’ GA-8 Airvan nears completion for MSFS

SimWorks Studios is making significant strides with their development of the GA-8 Airvan for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with recent updates highlighting progress on both the aircraft’s exterior and interior modeling, along with a focus on realistic performance tuning.

After development had stalled for a while (the Airvan was initially expected to be released in 2022), the studio has recently reignited their efforts on the Airvan. They are showcasing a near completion of coding and ongoing refinements to its flight model and interior design.

The team recently shared updates, offering the community a closer look at what to expect from this versatile aircraft, known for its utility in both passenger and cargo configurations.

SimWorks Studios Airvan MSFS 2

SimWorks Studios has been fine-tuning the Airvan with a range of updates. At this moment, the exterior modeling is complete, and the studio is finalizing the first batch of liveries. Unique additions are being made for specific variants, such as the addition of a hand bar on the cargo door for the skydive version.

Interior details are also nearing completion, with the cockpit’s layout and instrumentation getting the attention of developers. The Airvan will feature an analog cockpit setup equipped with a GNS530/430 radio stack, and discussions are ongoing regarding the inclusion of a non-touch G3X option. As for an autopilot, it may be an option that SWS could integrate, in line with the real-world specifications.

SimWorks Studios Airvan MSFS 1

A sneak peek into the cargo configuration reveals a no-frills, practical interior, stripped of carpets and equipped with visible cargo hoisting points. The studio is actively working on adding realistic textures and wear-and-tear effects to enhance the visual qualities of the model.

With coding 90% completed, and most physical models and textures well underway, the Airvan may become available soon. SimWorks Studios is considering a pricing strategy for the Airvan that would make it more accessible, ranging from 10-15€, a competitive positioning that is already a hallmark of SimWorks Studios in their work for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Expect to learn more about this project as development progresses. SimWorks Studios promises to update the community with more detailed images and information, so stay tuned!