Drzewiecki Design releases comprehensive Warsaw Landmarks package for MSFS

Drzewiecki Design has released their latest city landmarks pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator, shining a spotlight on the beautiful city of Warsaw, right in the developer’s home country of Poland. This update significantly enriches the virtual skies over Poland’s capital, introducing a variety of landmarks that beautifully blend Warsaw’s deep historical roots with its dynamic modern skyline.

Warsaw, celebrated for its indomitable spirit throughout the 20th century and notable growth in the 21st, offers a unique canvas that combines the charm of its UNESCO-recognized Old Town with the sleekness of contemporary skyscrapers. This mix provides a visually stunning experience for flight sim enthusiasts venturing through this region in Europe.

Warsaw Landmarks from Drzewiecki Design includes an impressive collection of buildings and structures around the city, from skyscrapers to historical landmarks, bridges, heliports, and even 15 custom-made airfields!

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 2

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 1

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 4

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 5

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 7

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 8

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 3

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 6

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 10

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 9

Warsaw Landmarks MSFS 11

Main features:

  • Dozens of detailed skyscrapers higher than 100m
  • Numerous cultural & historic landmarks
  • 12 bridges and several stadiums
  • Obstacles such as chimneys and antennas
  • 11 heliports including hospitals and private ones
  • 15 custom-made airfields around the city, including EPBC Babice

Clearly, this extensive package completely overhauls Warsaw’s skyline and caters to a wide range of simmers, from commercial airline simmers to general aviation and helicopter pilots.

Warsaw Landmarks from Drzewiecki Design is out now for MSFS from retailers such as Contrail, where it’s priced at around €20.00.

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