//42 releases 42CL Camp Crystal Lake, a free Halloween Special for MSFS

After a lot of teasing and anticipation, //42 has just released its Halloween-themed new scenery for MSFS, which promises to make the weekend scarier for flight simmers around the world. 42CL Camp Crystal Lake is now available for free, but you’ll need to hurry up, as the download is only available until 11/1.

42CL Camp Crystal Lake is a new “scene” from //42’s narrative geniuses, who seek to offer MSFS simmers with something more than just a pretty bespoke location to land an airplane. With 42CL, things take a turn to the gruesome, just in time for Halloween… be advised, scares abound and little children should stay away!

Camp Crystal Lake is a gift to the community that comes feature-packed with unique new experiences for MSFS users. It’s a scenery inspired by the Friday the 13th series and Jason Voorhees’ evil actions… will you handle the horrors of the scene?

This scenery includes the scary scene at Camp Crystal Lake with three landing areas that simmers can attempt to use on their arrival: grass, water, and a helipad. //42 challenges simmers to depart from KTEB and head to 42CL, using the custom weather preset that is also included, which creates the perfect atmosphere for the whole experience.

Upon arrival, the best way to enjoy the show is to get into drone view at a slow speed, and start exploring the area, entering the cabins, and spotting the scary moving elements. If you’re one of the first to Jason Voorhees alive, there’s a chance to win a prize from //42. Share your discoveries on the official Discord server!

42CL Camp Crystal Lake is likely to be the best way to celebrate Halloween in MSFS this year, and it’s now available for free through Orbx Direct. Hurry up, because the scenery will only be available for a few days!

Main features:

  • Available Runways: Water / Grass / Helipad
  • Select Custom Weather Preset: //42 Camp Crystal Lake
  • Depart from KTEB between 4-5PM Local Time (42min flight)
  • Upon landing…or crashing…exit the aircraft and enter Drone Mode. We like Drone Speed: 3.00
  • Consider turning up and using only your sim sounds; how else will you hear danger lurking in the forest!?
  • Find Jason Voorhees alive.
  • Explore the grounds, enter cabins, and wait to see if things move or change. Follow the illuminated paths and or arrows. Beware of other guests.
  • Post photographic evidence of Jason Voorhees alive on location in #product-pics-n vids at the //42 Discord The first 13 campers get a prize!
  • BONUS: The first person to find OMGEDSON on-site can choose a //42 product of their choice.