Orbx releases LDSP Split Airport for MSFS

The prolific artists from Orbx continue to output high-quality sceneries for Flight Simulator. For this weekend they are challenging us to visit the beautiful coast of Croatia, more specifically around Split, the country’s second city. Arrive at the brand new Split Airport from Orbx and indulge in some nice summer vacations in one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Split Airport (LDSP) services around 50 destinations across Europe, especially during the summer months, when A320’s and 737’s come and go with leisure flights between Split and other major cities in the continent.

Orbx’s Havant Studio was responsible for the creation of Split Airport for MSFS, making good use of its now well-known talent to deliver an overall very impressive scenery. The result is an accurate rendition of the airport, very detailed both inside and out. That’s right, the terminal interior has been modeled but, most importantly, the exterior is especially well-done.

Besides the customary buildings and structures that make the overall shape of an airport, Orbx has also included new aerial imagery around the airport and a number of landmarks such as churches, stadiums, bridges and marinas. Take note scenery developers, this is a good way to gain an upper hand against the competition: don’t create just the airport, add some cool bits around it for added immersion!

LDSP Split Airport is now available from Orbx Direct for around 14€.

Key Features

  • 62.5sqm of 30cm colour-matched photoreal
  • High-res PBR textures
  • Detailed terminal building with interior modelling
  • POIs in the surrounding area
  • Landing challenge included
  • By the Havant Studio team