FlyBeside launches to help simmers find multiplayer companions and take paid flying lessons

Having trouble finding someone to fly online with, and maybe even learn something in the process, or teach and earn real money for it? FlyBeside, a new platform now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator users, introduces itself as an answer to these questions. Its mission? To revolutionize how flight sim enthusiasts connect, learn, and fly together in MSFS.

At its core, FlyBeside serves as a marketplace that simmers can use to deepen their understanding of virtual aviation. The platform allows users to both buy and sell one-to-one flying lessons. According to the developers, anyone with a passion or knowledge in a specific area of flight simulation can create and monetize their lessons, with no prerequisite for real-world flying or teaching experience.

Another cornerstone of the FlyBeside experience is its solution to the perennial challenge of finding compatible flying companions. Historically, pilots seeking multiplayer experiences have had to navigate a fragmented landscape of social media and forums. FlyBeside aims to streamline this process with a comprehensive search and filter system, enabling users to find their ideal wingmen or copilots with ease.



Buddy flights

Group flight

FlyBeside also introduces features designed to facilitate group flights and shared cockpit experiences, using the third-party app ‘YourControls‘ to offer this capability. Additionally, there’s built-in in-flight voice communication and text chat.

Main features:

  • Lessons marketplace for buying and selling one-to-one flying lessons
  • Flag yourself as looking to fly with someone in multiplayer
  • Request buddy flights with specific flight needs
  • Schedule group flights

Other features:

  • Supports both shared cockpit for copilot flights, or wingman flights
  • Extensive search and filter
  • Pilot profiles
  • Maps with flight routes
  • Ratings and reviews for lessons and pilots
  • Badges and XP awarded for participation
  • Pilots can be followed to receive updates
  • Notification system
  • Web app with twin Windows application
  • Discord server

There’s clearly a big ambition behind FlyBeside as it seeks to bridge the gap between flight sim enthusiasts of varying skill levels and backgrounds. The platform’s philosophy emphasizes community, education, and enjoyment, with a nod to the potential financial benefits for lesson creators. However, the true impact of FlyBeside will depend on its ability to deliver on these promises and capture the community’s interest.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the developers of FlyBeside welcome feedback and suggestions. Whether FlyBeside will be successful remains to be seen, but its launch marks another interesting chapter in the third-party platforms available for the community to augment their flight simulation experience.

FlyBeside is now open for registration on its website, where you can also learn more details about the capabilities of the platform and what it offers to the community.