Pilot Experience Sim shares news and previews of its King Air C90 for MSFS

Pilot Experience Sim (PESIM) continues to work on new airports and aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, aiming to follow up on the Maule M7, Montpellier Airport (and let’s not forget about that FPV Drone!), with exciting new releases. Perhaps the most notable project currently underway by the team is the King Air C90, which was announced in August and has since been a focal point for the developer.

PESIM kicked off the year by sharing monthly development updates, keeping us informed about the progress and current stage of this project. The developers reveal that their King Air C90 for MSFS is now advancing rapidly, with significant strides made in various aspects of its development.

As announced when the product was unveiled, PESIM has enlisted the expertise of real pilots to join their team, aiming to ensure that the work on the C90 achieves a level of realism and precision that meets the standards of both the developers and the community.

PESIM King Air C90 MSFS 4

PESIM King Air C90 MSFS 1

PESIM King Air C90 MSFS 5

The focus earlier this year was primarily on the design and textures, especially the interior, where many instruments, including the yoke, the main panel, the G1000, and the overhead panel, have been meticulously crafted.

February’s update showcased numerous advancements through several preview images that highlight key areas and features of the upcoming aircraft:

  • Fuel Gauges and full circuit-breaker simulation
  • Leatherette-Reinforced Yoke with an option to replace the central screen with an analog version.
  • Accurate G1000 Cockpit Completion with maintenance requirements (the screens will get dirtier over time and require periodic cleaning)
PESIM King Air C90 MSFS 3

The G1000 integration may not be the most interesting avionics layout for the King Air, but when asked if there would be an option to get an EFIS cockpit setup, PESIM expressed interest in making additional variants with different avionics. So, who knows? We might get something beyond the G1000. Time will tell!

For now, PESIM is focused on the G1000 King Air C90 and shows signs of good progress. There’s currently no estimated timeline for the release, but as always, we’ll bring you all the latest updates on this project. Stay tuned, and for now, enjoy the new preview images!