Sim-Wings releases Barcelona-El Prat Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

No, you’re not seeing double. Just a few days after MK Studios released their depiction of Barcelona-El Prat Airport, in Spain, today it’s Sim-Wings’ turn to deliver their own version of the airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

By now, you must be very familiar with this scenery, but for those who are not, Barcelona-El Prat Airport, colloquially known as just El Prat, serves as the main international gateway to Spain’s second-largest city and the Catalonia region.

As the primary airport serving Barcelona, it plays a crucial role in connecting this vibrant cultural and economic hub with the rest of the world. Proof of this is that the airport has nearly recovered its pre-pandemic passenger numbers in 2023, reaching almost 50 million passengers served, easily placing it in the top 10 busiest airports on the old continent.

Sim-Wings has produced a series of great airports for MSFS, and El Prat seems to be no exception. For this new product, the developer utilized color-corrected custom aerial imagery for a realistic depiction of the ground textures and a seamless transition to the simulator’s default landscape.

Additionally, Sim-Wings has built a detailed recreation of numerous structures and facilities, including the recently built jetways at Terminal 1. In this scenery, you will also find animated boarding bridges, a variety of static elements like apron vehicles, and authentic dynamic lighting effects at night.


  • Highly detailed scenery of the international airport Barcelona “Josep Tarradellas – El Prat” and the immediate vicinity
  • All buildings and service facilities
  • Realistic 3D terrain made from DEM (elevation data) with sloped taxi- and runways
  • Custom aerial image for the airport, elaborately color-corrected and retouched
  • Up to date runway, taxiway, apron and stands layout (2024)
  • Custom taxiway lights, with some made to work in one direction only (at one-way rapid exits for instance)
  • Custom and accurate taxiway signage
  • Extremely detailed airport buildings, Terminal T1 and T2 with interior airside
Sim Wings Barcelona Airport MSFS 7

Sim Wings Barcelona Airport MSFS 6

Sim Wings Barcelona Airport MSFS 5

Sim Wings Barcelona Airport MSFS 4

Sim Wings Barcelona Airport MSFS 3

Sim Wings Barcelona Airport MSFS 1

  • Terminal T1 has recently constructed southern connection buildings and jetways
  • Animated jetways, static jetways at alternate parkings
  • Aerosoft VDGS safegate system
  • Many custom-made static apron vehicles and cars
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  • Car bridges added to upper highway system
  • Replaced MSFS default street overlays with custom ones
  • MSFS SDK materials (PBR)

Sim-Wings Barcelona Airport is available now for MSFS for around €20 + tax.

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