MK Studios releases Barcelona Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

MK Studios has announced the launch of Barcelona-El Prat Airport (LEBL) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering users a highly detailed representation of Spain’s second busiest airport.

Located 12 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, the airport serves as a crucial hub for the Catalonia region, providing extensive connections across Europe and to international destinations.

Barcelona Airport is known for its significant role in facilitating air travel in and out of Catalonia. It features two main terminals: Terminal 1, celebrated for its modern architecture and comprehensive range of services including shops and restaurants, and Terminal 2, which primarily accommodates domestic and low-cost carriers. This structure allows the airport to efficiently manage the high volume of passengers it sees annually.

Main features:

  • Lifelike recreation of Barcelona Airport LEBL, including detailed terminal interior
  • Working Nool VDGS devices, including A-CDM
  • Handcrafted 3D models of buildings, jetways, and airport facilities
  • Custom, 30cm/pixel satellite image covering the airport
  • Elevation data based on high-quality LiDAR scans including runway and apron profiles
  • Custom, up-to-date ground polygons with lines, dirt, markings, and other details
  • Realistic lighting for immersive day and night operations
  • Custom POIs around the airport
  • AI compatible
  • AI parking codes
MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.2

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.1

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.8

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.5

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.7

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.6

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.4

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.3

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.11

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.9

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.10

MK Studios BArcelona Airport MSFS.12

The addition of Barcelona Airport to Microsoft Flight Simulator offers simmers a destination rich in detail and operational complexity. But this is not the only third-party rendition of this airport so far for MSFS, as both LatinVFR and JustSim also have their own versions that compete directly with MK Studios’.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport from MK Studios is available now for around €15,00 and should be available in other stores soon. There’s currently a sale going on that offers 20% off, so be quick to grab this add-on if it grabs your interest!

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