JustSim releases Barcelona’s Airport (LEBL) for MSFS

JustSim has been very active lately, with frequent airport releases for Flight Simulator such as Moscow Vnukovo Airport or Dresden Airport. Today we bring you the latest release from the developers: Barcelona’s El Prat Airport (LEBL), a bustling international gateway to the famous city of Gaudi.

It’s perhaps a little unfortunate that JustSim decided to launch a custom airport that was already available for MSFS from another developer. LatinVFR did release a rather impressive version of LEBL a few months ago, which even included some of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks. JustSim has big shoes to fill!

JustSim is sparse in details about this new release, so all we know is what we can see from the few pictures that are available. It seems to be a fairly realistic depiction of Barcelona’s massive airport, with detailed buildings, ground markings and static aircraft.

Barcelona El Prat Airport MSFS 6

Barcelona El Prat Airport MSFS 5

Barcelona El Prat Airport MSFS 4

Barcelona El Prat Airport MSFS 2

Barcelona El Prat Airport MSFS 1

El Prat is a very busy airport, the second in Spain after Barajas (Madrid). With around 50 million passengers going through its gates in 2019, it’s also one of the busiest in Europe and in the world. Not surprising, given Barcelona’s incredible international appeal.

JustSim’s El Prat Airport (LEBL) is now available from Simmarket for 23.99€ / $28. There are a few upgrade paths for existing owners of the FSX, P3D and X-Plane versions, so keep that in mind when making the purchase.