SamScene3D continues its city overhaul series for MSFS with Osaka,  Japan

SamScene3D continues to enhance the urban landscapes of major cities across the globe, providing MSFS enthusiasts with breathtaking skylines to navigate that often improve or rectify the default MSFS scenery and photogrammetry. Their most recent endeavor focuses on the captivating city of Osaka, Japan, extending their portfolio of meticulously crafted cityscapes that include prominent locations such as New York, Bangkok, Toronto, Vancouver, and other cities, including many major ones in the United States.

Dubbed “Japan Osaka City Wow” by SamScene3D, this release strives to offer a genuine portrayal of Osaka by carefully redesigning the area to accurately reflect the geographical positioning of landmarks and structures.

The developer has capitalized on the capabilities of MSFS to enhance photogrammetry data in the Osaka region, tackling inaccuracies in textures, structures, bridges, and shorelines. Moreover, the package reintroduces a plethora of buildings and features that were previously missing in the simulator’s default scenery, aiming to deliver a more immersive and authentic flying experience.

Key Highlights:

  • over 600 handcrafted iconic building models in Osaka city center
  • custom handcrafted bridge models
  • handcrafted Osaka castle and landmarks
  • beautiful night effects
  • many building rooftops are landable helipads
  • compatible with other developer airport addons
  • detailed recreation of the Shinsaibashi area
  • frame rate friendly since all with LODs

Osaka offers MSFS users a unique urban flying experience. The city is renowned for its dynamic cityscape, historical landmarks like the iconic Osaka Castle, and the bustling Dotonbori district. Its complex network of rivers and bridges also presents a visually stunning environment for pilots, contrasting with the serene landscapes typically found in Japan’s countryside.

Osaka City MSFS 1.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 2.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 3.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 5.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 6.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 8.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 9.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 10.jpg

Osaka City MSFS 7.jpg

SamScene3D’s package looks to further enrich this experience by adding meticulously handcrafted landmarks and realistic night lighting effects, allowing pilots to navigate a densely populated area filled with skyscrapers and explore the detailed Shinsaibashi area. There are many rooftops with landable helipads, making this an excellent playground for helicopter pilots too!

SamScene3D’s Japan Osaka City Wow is available now, priced at around $16.00 via Contrail.

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