Bijan Habashi releases Fall Season mod for the UK

Bijan Habashi’s brilliant “Season Packs” for Flight Simulator is the closest thing we can get to having different seasons represented in MSFS (official Seasons support is planned for 2022). By adding a huge amount of new trees in different colors, Bijan is able to completely change the default scenery to match the colors of the 4 different seasons. After the popular Four Season Pack, which impacts the whole world, the developer has now launched a customized version of the Fall Season mod for the United Kingdom.

Pilots can now enjoy a beautifully colored autumn landscape when flying across the UK, thanks to this new “locally-enhanced” version of Bijan’s mod. Through the manual hand placement of trees and vegetation around the UK – every city and airport was gone through – you can now see a more realistic coverage of fall trees in an area of around 65.000 square kilometers.

Consider this to be an “add-on” to an add-on, since you do need to have the aforementioned Four Season Pack to run this new custom version for the UK. But soon summer will be over and autumn will be upon us, so why not give it a try and explore the UK with the warm tones of the upcoming season?

Bijan Habashi’s Fall Season for the United Kingdom is now available through Simmarket for just around £6.