MSFS Mobile Companion App gains support for the Junkers Ju-52, improved NAV controls

MSFS Mobile Companion App is now celebrating its first anniversary, a year full of regular updates that have turned it into a valuable freeware tool for thousands of MSFS simmers. Today, a new version has been released, which marks the anniversary but also welcomes a few compelling changes.

Now at version 1.9.1, MSFS Mobile Companion App has added a new profile for the recently released Junkers Ju-52, both in its Classic and Retrofit variants. Also new in this new version is an improved user interface for all NAV controls, the removal of the pop-up for panel switches, and the addition of approximate touchdown G-forces in the Data tab.

With the newly gained support for the Ju-52, MSFS Mobile Companion App continues to add some of the most popular airplanes currently available in the sim. Besides working with all default and third-party airplanes that make use of the stock GNS430/530 and G1000, this add-on also supports the Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III, the CRJ-550/700 by Aerosoft, the A32NX, among others.

MSFS Mobile Companion is a simple but very ingenious and useful app. It’s actually installed on the PC running Microsoft Flight Simulator, and you connect to it by using any other internet-capable device. This means that you can use this tool on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc, and control many different functions of your aircraft through its simple and well-designed interface.

MSFS Mobile Companion App is available for free through

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