MSFS Mobile Companion App updated, supports most popular third-party airplanes

MSFS Mobile Companion is a freeware app for Flight Simulator that we have featured before. Almost one year later, it continues to be regularly updated with new features and support for some of the most popular airplanes that have since been released. With the launch of the latest update, which puts MSFS Mobile Companion at v1.9, we thought it might be a good idea to revisit this handy little tool and why you should consider it for you arsenal of utilities for MSFS.

MSFS Mobile Companion is a rather straightforward app, essentially allowing you to control the instruments of any given aircraft through your browser of choice. Because of the way it works, it can effectively run from any kind of network-connected device. Therefore, you can use a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or anything else that is connected to the same network as your PC running MSFS, running Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux or Windows. Or you can just run it on on a second monitor in your MSFS PC.

After an easy setup process, you will have the MSFS Mobile Companion’s interface running in a browser, from where you can interact with a number of cockpit instruments such as NAV/COM radios, autopilot, lights, control surfaces, and more.

MSFS Mobile Companion 1

MSFS Mobile Companion supports all the stock airplanes running the GNS430/530 avionics, as well as those with the Garmin G1000. Furthermore, there are custom profiles for some of the most popular third-party airplanes currently available in MSFS such as the A32NX from FlyByWire, Aerosoft’s CRJ, PMDG’s DC-6, the Arrow III from Just Flight, and more.

The recently released version 1.9 introduces support for the latest stable and development versions of the A32NX, an ADF 1/2 switch for the DC-6, the ability to load custom KML files and also to hide the airplane icon on the included moving map.

MSFS Mobile Companion’s popularity is proof of it’s usefulness. It remains free, gets regular updates, and the developer is quick to give feedback and support. What’s not to like?

MSFS Mobile Companion is available through, where it already has more than 25.000 downloads, and also through GitHub.