MSFS Mobile Companion App – a FREE app to control your aircraft through your smartphone

Today we bring you a cool new little utility that allows you to control your aircraft through a web browser. What’s specially interesting about this implementation is that you can use any browser in any device, as long as that device is connected to the same network as your PC. It’s called MSFS Mobile Companion App and is available for free through GitHub and

Through MSFS Mobile Companion App you can control essential aircraft instruments such as NAV frequencies or autopilot, and also see your current position in a real-time moving map.

Main features:

  • Moving Map (Open Street Maps)
  • NAV 1 frequency and OBS 1 selection
  • NAV 2 frequency and OBS 2 selection
  • ADF frequency and ADF card selection
  • Autopilot with altitude, vertical speed, and airspeed settings
  • Gyro drift and altimeter pressure settings

There’s currently some known issues, but nothing that breaks the experience, and updates should be released frequently.

This is a similar concept to our previously featured RVC, but free and without the need of a specific app to install on your remote device.

MSFS Mobile COmpanion App 2

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