Lommis Airfield is the latest picturesque Swiss airfield from AG Sim

Few regions in the world are as breathtaking for aviation enthusiasts as Switzerland. Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, this compact nation offers many spectacular natural landscapes with a myriad of diverse and challenging flying scenarios.

Switzerland is dotted with numerous small airfields, offering endless opportunities for aerial adventures. These experiences are vividly brought to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator, thanks to its highly realistic terrain rendering. The latest addition to this virtual world is a meticulously detailed model of LSZT Lommis Airfield, crafted by developer AG Sim.

This custom scenery captures the essence of the quaint airfield located in the scenic canton of Thurgau, north of Lommis, celebrated for its lively aviation community and the natural beauty that engulfs it.

Lommis Airfield features a 615-meter grass runway, diligently maintained by the Motorfluggruppe Thurgau. It’s not only a sanctuary for aviation enthusiasts but also an important site for tourists and prospective pilots aiming to earn their private pilot licenses. The airfield boasts extensive hangars, maintenance facilities, clubhouses, and a welcoming restaurant, all contributing to its vibrant atmosphere against the tranquil backdrop of the Swiss landscape.

AG Sim has committed to delivering an authentic virtual depiction of this location for MSFS. The developer’s dedication to detail is evident in the realism of the buildings and objects, including animated figures, operational nuances like a functional landing “T”, and wind-responsive flags, all designed to infuse the airfield with life.

Key features:

  • 3D buildings crafted with precision
  • 8K high-quality PBR textures
  • Handmade ground textures derived from Swisstopo aerial imagery
  • Custom-placed directional and runway markings
  • Thoughtfully arranged vegetation and watercourses
  • 3D people, static aircraft, a working clock, operational landing “T”, wind-dependent flags, custom windsocks, and a vibrant atmosphere
  • Unique memorials and special details around the airfield
  • Accurately modeled slope

AG Sim has set a fair price for this scenery at approximately €8, an offer that’s hard to resist given its scope and detail. Though Lommis Airfield might be small, the depth of immersion and appeal it adds to LSZT makes it an exceptionally inviting destination!

AG Sim’s LSZT Lommis Airfield is available now via Contrail.

LSZT Lommis Airfield MSFS 10.jpg

LSZT Lommis Airfield MSFS 9.jpg

LSZT Lommis Airfield MSFS 8.jpg

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LSZT Lommis Airfield MSFS 2.jpg

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