MSFS welcomes first wave of community updates submitted via the World Hub

The MSFS World Hub is a recent addition by the MSFS team, offering the community a chance to submit improvements and fixes to the default airports within the platform. These submissions are then rolled out to the entire community through official platform updates.

This feature has been in development for quite some time and was made available for use earlier this year. Since its launch, community members have actively submitted numerous changes to the existing airports in MSFS, which are then reviewed by a team of moderators to ensure they align with the platform’s guidelines. Today, the first batch of updates has been released for all MSFS users to enjoy!

When you launch MSFS for the first time today, you will be prompted to install a new update. This update accomplishes two main objectives: it updates the simulator’s AIRAC data to the current cycle and introduces a series of World Hub updates for a wide range of airports.

Airports and airfields across the globe, from small ones to large international airports, have seen improvements. Noteworthy changes include those at KMDW Chicago Midway International Airport in the United States, EDDF Frankfurt Airport in Germany, and LEBB Bilbao Airport in Spain, just to name a few, but there are many more affected airports. Sadly, there are no detailed notes about the specific changes made in each airport.

In accordance with World Hub guidelines, users can submit fixes and enhancements to airports but are not allowed to completely overhaul the scenery. This restriction is in place to leave room for the talented developers in the community to undertake significant visual upgrades and release them as freeware or payware scenery mods.

msfs world hub airport updates 2

However, airport updates submitted through the World Hub can include improved placement of runways, taxiways, and parking spots for a more accurate reflection of the real-world airport. The positioning of other objects can also be optimized for an improved layout, but major visual overhauls, such as new buildings, are beyond the scope of what the World Hub covers.

The MSFS World Hub paves the way for the community to enhance the base scenery in MSFS more efficiently and effectively. We hope today’s update is just the beginning of many more to follow. However, we do wish for greater transparency and for a detailed list of changes to be made available, allowing simmers to understand precisely what has been updated in each location.

Updated airports:

  • 00AK
  • 50D
  • 66Y
  • 7LA1
  • AGGT
  • BGGH
  • EDCB
  • EDCD
  • EDDC
  • EDDF
  • EDDR
  • EDEN
  • EDFY
  • EDGA
  • EDGB
  • EDHE
  • EDKB
  • EDKI
  • EDKO
  • EDLL
  • EDNY
  • EDRU
  • EDRW
  • EDVJ
  • EDVS
  • EDWF
  • EDXP
  • FNMH
  • GQPP
  • HEAT
  • JLA
  • KEGV
  • KGTF
  • KIOW
  • KJYO
  • KLCI
  • KLEB
  • KMDW
  • KMHT
  • KMNM
  • KMTH
  • KOGM
  • KRHI
  • KSUE
  • KUES
  • LEBB
  • LEMI
  • LEXJ
  • LIAP
  • LSGL
  • LSGS
  • LSZH
  • MDJB
  • MDLR
  • MDST
  • PASP
  • SBGR
  • SBJR
  • SBVT
  • SKLA
  • SVJQ
  • USRR
  • VEMN
  • WADB
  • WMKP
  • Y55
  • YPKA
  • YPKU