Aerosoft releases Toolbar Pushback Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Remember Toolbar Pushback, the ultra-popular freeware utility that enabled full control over pushbacks in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Today, we witness the arrival of the next evolution of this add-on as it is released as a payware product by Aerosoft.

Toolbar Pushback has been one of the most popular freeware add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, amassing more than 500,000 downloads at It has been regularly updated (and will continue to be available following today’s paid release) but is now making the leap into a fully-fledged product backed by Aerosoft.

The story of Toolbar Pushback begins in 2021, shortly after the release of MSFS, when it was introduced as a freeware tool. This tool quickly became essential for simmers seeking full control over their aircraft’s pushback operations. Recognizing the community’s appreciation, the developer consistently updated the mod, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

The transition from a beloved freeware to a premium version under the Aerosoft banner marks a new chapter for Toolbar Pushback. After being approached by the developer to help distribute the tool to a wider audience, Aerosoft took the helm to publish the Pro version and help it reach the market.

What’s New in the Pro Version?

Toolbar Pushback Pro is not merely an incremental update or a rebrand with a price tag on it; it’s an upgrade designed to cater to a wider audience, especially Xbox simmers, and promises continued support and other enhancements:

  • Enhanced Pushback and Towing Operations: Automatic modes for both backward pushback and forward towing, complemented by manual control.
  • Advanced Audio Experience: The transition to Wwise audio brings a more immersive sound landscape, with ground crew and pilot voices in various languages and accents.
  • Xbox and VR Support: A significant expansion, bringing the utility to Xbox users and offering VR compatibility.
  • Compatibility and Connectivity: Full compatibility with add-on airplanes and connectivity for Aerosoft VDGS, alongside compatibility for seaplanes and new 3D objects in future updates.
  • Ongoing Support and Updates: The Pro version guarantees product updates and dedicated support, ensuring the tool remains compatible and feature-rich.
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Aerosoft toolbar pushback pro msfs 2

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Freeware Legacy and Future

Aerosoft and the developer have made it clear that the freeware version of Toolbar Pushback will continue to exist and receive functional updates. Users can ultimately decide which version is better for them, but Xbox simmers will certainly appreciate this release, seeing as they can only get add-ons via the Marketplace, which also doesn’t accept any free mods.

Aerosoft Toolbar Pushback Pro is available now for PC users, priced at around €10. The Marketplace version should be out soon, too!

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