A sneak peek into the upcoming AirHauler 2 for Flight Simulator (coming this week!)

Just Flight has just confirmed that AirHauler 2 for Flight Simulator will be released this week, possibly on Thursday. Apparently, contrary to previous informations, existing owners of AirHauler for other platforms will be eligible to a reduced price. In the meantime, the official page is now live!

It was just a few weeks ago that we first saw a little tease for the upcoming AirHauler 2 for Flight Simulator (MSFS). At the time there weren’t many details about the release, other than it was “in development”. Well, good news today, as we get a first sneak peek into this new version for MSFS, from youtuber Kiwi Mace, who shares an overview of the app and it’s capabilities. You can watch it below:

AirHauler is a well know utility that aims to bring some purpose to your flights, by allowing you to create your own airline and manage all the things related to it. Purchase aircraft, fly cargo or passenger jobs, manage your finances, and so on. It’s been around for other flight sims for years, and it’s great to see it coming to MSFS. This happens at a time where other similar tools have been used by the community, some of them being free and really good, like our fan-favorite NeoFly, so it will be interesting to see how AirHauler fares. Specially knowing that it’s a paid software and Just Flight as also said that there’s no upgrade path from previous owners.

There’s not yet a release date, but this seems pretty much ready to be released, so it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, possibly days.