Volanta, the free flight tracker from Orbx, released to the public

After running a 3-month closed beta for its Volanta flight tracker, Orbx is now ready to let anyone try the app.

Volanta is looking to be an easy to use and smart flight tracker, capable of gathering all your flights from a wide variety of simulators. The goal is to make things easier and let you enjoy your time flying, instead of being busy with app configurations and settings. Because of that, Volanta track’s all your flights automatically, without requiring any interaction from the user. You just need to have the app running.

The world map is definitely at the core of the user experience, and Volanta includes beautifully detailed maps that are present of most of the different pages. Here you will be able to see every airport, waypoint, airway, and every flight at once. Orbx promises this will be a smooth experience, given that it uses the GPU to render the map.

Obviously, the main feature is the flight tracking ability, and Volanta gives you plenty of data to appreciate. Each flight shows on the map, with more frequent ones having a more vibrant line. Each flight is also fully represented in a 3D view. Also interesting is the ability to see the exact spot you touched the runway, with additional data such as landing rate and speed.

Regarding aircraft, Volanta also makes it easy to manage your hangar. There’s no need to manually add each airplane, since it creates each one when you start a flight. Volanta then keeps track of that airplane anywhere in the world, gathering its usage statistics over time.

Furthermore, there’s a community aspect to Volanta that will definitely help keep things interesting. For starters, you can have friends, and see their stats such as hours flown, distance, and more. Additionally, integration with online networks like VATSIM and IVAO let’s you see all that traffic inside Volanta.

There’s much more to come, and Orbx promises these core features of Volanta will always be free. In the future, new, premium features will be added, for an additional cost that hasn’t been specified yet.