Flightbeam Studios previews KSFO – Captain’s Edition for MSFS

Flightbeam Studios has shared the first preview shots of its highly-awaited SFO scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. One of the major US projects currently underway at Flightbeam (along with KMSP, KPHX, and possibly other undisclosed airports), San Francisco International Airport is a pretty big undertaking from the developer and is set to bring this popular West Coast airport up to very high standards in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

With these first teaser images of KSFO – Captain’s Edition, Flightbeam provides a sneak peek into some of the details that will be featured in the final product. As always, we are looking at an imposing artistic effort, with highly realistic graphics throughout.

There are only three images to show, but they all look superb. Just look at that photorealistic depiction of the control tower! It could easily pass as an actual photo of the building, thanks to the accurate 3D model, textures, lighting, and cloud layer in the sky.

FLightbeam KSFO MSFS 3

FLightbeam KSFO MSFS 2

FLightbeam KSFO MSFS 1

Flightbeam dropped these images with no additional information about the product. Still, it’s safe to assume that KSFO for MSFS will feature all the trademarks from the developer and possibly some surprising bells and whistles. After all, KSFO is the most popular airport in Flightbeam’s portfolio, so there’s every reason to expect another class act from the developer with this new and upgraded version for MSFS.

As always, we’ll bring you any future development about this and other projects from Flightbeam Studios. There’s currently no estimated release date for KSFO, but we’d bet on a launch sometime next year.